Robin Hammer Artist, Photographer, Designer, Illustrator, and woodworker.


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Charleston artist Robin Hammer is best known for his sculptural collaborative works created with Chris Dutch, also of Charleston. In the past few years, they have done specialized woodwork at Christ Church United Methodist and Temple Israel and an installation piece at Sunrise, all in Charleston. His collaborative works with Charleston artist Chris Dutch are available at the Art Store Gallery in Charleston, Tamarack in Beckley and West Virginia Architectural Association. Their work has been shown at Parkersburg Center for the Arts, Sunrise, and the Cultural Center in 2 man exhibitions. This fall 2004 they will show at Museum in the Community.

Robin has received numerous awards over the last 30 years including two merit awards with Dutch in 1997 and 2001 and a Governor’s Award in 1995 in the West Virginia Juried Exhibition at the Cultural Center, a photography award in the West Virginia Guild Show in Wheeling in 2002, and several more awards on his own and with Dutch in the Allied Artists of West Virginia bi-annual juried exhibitions.

In 2000, he added photography both film and digital to his repertoire. His photographs have been featured in a 2003 exhibit at the Cultural Center and at the Annex Gallery in Charleston West Virginia. He says of his work in photography, “I have always been interested in flowers of all kinds. They have continued to inspire all my work in one way or another. I have come back to photography as a medium for expressing some of the wonder I see in the life cycle of a blossom.”

Robin still continues to paint and draw along with the many other projects he is involved in. He will be included in a drawing invitational this fall 2004 at the Art Store Gallery.

In addition to his art, Hammer works as web administrator, graphic designer and photographer for the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services and has served as a facilitator for figure-drawing classes at Taylor Books from 2000 to the present. Robin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Memphis School for the Arts in 1969.